PUBG and it’s addiction


Have you downloaded the recent update in PUBG game ? How to get Winner winner Chicken Dinner in PUBG ? These are two of the questions which our young generation is asking nowadays. PUBG gaming is seen both as passion and addiction, and this article will let you know all about PUBG and the reason why people are addicted to this game.

What is PUBG ?

Player Unknown’s Battleground or PUBG is online multiplayer game in which players have to search for weapons and armour and eliminate all other competitors to win. It was released in December 2017 in Microsoft Windows and in March 2018 in Android and iOS. Since then it has become a sensation in the virtual world. It is inspired by a Japanese film “Battle Royale” and has been created by Brendan Greene,an Irish-Brazilian.

Total Players PUBG game has reached over 400 million or 40 crore total players worldwide.Though it is played by 22.7 crore people on monthly basis which is still stupendous.75% of users play it for free on their android and iOS.

Why is it so addictive? What’s different about it?

In our childhood almost everyone of us would have played GTA games as it took us to some virtual world and made us feel free. We would go hours and hours to complete a specific mission.In the last ten years, the video games have gone through a revolution and PUBG is one of the leading games in that sphere. There are many reasons why it is so addictive, some of them are:

Online Game Internet is a new concept in gaming world and one tends to complete the whole game at a time and doesn’t likes to exit in between the play time.

Social media Craze Youngsters tend to post screenshots of their winnings which creates a competitive atmosphere among them. And create a social vibe and no one likes to be isolated.

Regular Updates PUBG games keeps on updating regularly, new maps and warzones and keeps the players hooked. Whereas, the other games don’t update regularly as such and player gets bored in some days. Brendan Greene has said that he wanted to create a game in which the map is harder to memorize. So, the game is always unpredictable in nature.

Recently Gujarat government has asked it’s district authorities to ensure a ban on PUBG game. According to them it’s addictive and adversely affecting the academics of students. Another government organisation NCPCR has recommended to ban the game throughout the country.

PUBG is a virtual game and must be played for fun but we shouldn’t give it importance larger than life.

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