The EVM Mechanism Citizens should know

Every other day we hear the opposition claiming that EVM are being hacked to manipulate National and State Assembly Polls. And as a part of Democracy it becomes a matter of concern for We The People of India to understand the EVM’s,their working, and utterly important for first time voters which are hypothetically 10 Crore in numbers, to know what EVM’S are.

This article will acknowledge you about EVM’S facts and their credibility.


EVM i.e. , Electronic Voting Machine is used in National and State Assembly Polls.

First use in INDIA

Electronic Voting Machines were used on an experimental basis for the first time in 1998 in state elections in

Madhya Pradesh (5),

Rajasthan (5)

Delhi (6).

By 2003 they were being used in every state and by-elections and then in 2004 National elections. Since then it’s been used on every election that takes place in our country. In 2014 over 55 Crore Indians voted through EVMs.

Yeah, It’s the numbers that make our elections, the World’s largest Democratic exercise.

EVM is made of

EVM can electronically store and calculate votes. According to Election Commission of India EVM has many security features and it’s impossible to tamper with it’s settings. Yes, impossible. Why? 
Because it’s made of One-time programmable chip which can’t be read and modified. It cannot be connected to another system or Internet which simply means that it can’t be manipulated via wire or wireless means.

EVM Manufacturer

Electronic Voting Machine is made by Bharat Electronics Limited and Electronics Corporation of India in custody of Election Commission of India. These are finest of our premium Public sector companies, it’s made by the same engineers who make same equipment and technology that are used by Indian Defence Forces and Atomic Energy Programs.

Multiple Layering Testing of EVM’S

It goes through multiple layer of testing and security audits by eminent Professor’s of IIT’S before and during the manufacturing process and also before being used. It goes through First Level Check by engineers of BEL and BCIL to make sure it’s components are authentic and it is functioning properly. Then it’s sealed with high security paper seal and cannot be opened without breaking it.
Then it goes through Mock poll where atleast 1000 votes are cast on EVM’S randomly selected by representatives of political parties. It ensures EVM’S integrity.It’s tested before polls in presence of agents of each candidate.

Why are EVM’S used?

We may wonder at times that why so many EVM’S are used, that’s because one EVM can record 3,840 votes and total number of candidates are 64.


The voter casts his vote by pressing the blue button against the name of desired candidate which leads to a beep in the machine which signifies the registration of the vote.


Election Commission of India has recently denied alleged claims of political parties which said that it can be hacked. EVM are next to impossible to be tempered with. These alleged claims are politically motivated.As a responsible Citizen we must know about our Voting mechanism. I hope this article helped.

Do let me know about your thoughts by commenting. Happy Voting.

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