Cyber Surgical Strike by Indian Hackers

cyber attack

Few Days after heinous Pulwama Attack Indians launched Online Surgical strike targeting Pakistani Government sites. Recently in an ambush in Pulwama district of Jammu and Kashmir, a convoy of Central Reserved Police Forces were martyred in Suicide Bombing attack by a Jaish-e-Mohammad terrorist group member which is sponsored by Pakistan.

Cyber Attack

Indian Government imposed restrictions on Pakistan politically after the attack. But this time Indian hackers also decided to do their part and launched a Cyber-attack on more than 200 Pakistani Government Websites as a sign of protest. The main Pakistani websites that were hacked was the official Pakistan’s Army and Foreign websites. This is one of the biggest Cyber attacks by Indian Hackers in recent times.

Indian Hackers

The Cyber attack was claimed by Indian Hackers named “Team I Crew”. The hackers also released the list of websites hacked by them. The incident came in light after the hacked websites showed messages like “We will never forget 14/02/2019” and “Dedicated to the martyrs sacrificed their lives in Pulwama Terror Attack” with condolence notes for families of those martyred.

List of some of the hacked Pakistani Websites:

Pakistan Foreign Ministry Statement on Hacking

Pakistan Foreign Ministry website was among the 200 websites hacked. Pakistani foreign ministry spokesperson alleged India behind the attack and said the attacks are because of the fear of ongoing Kulbhusan Jadhav hearing in International Court of Justice. But the websites clearly showed that they were done as a sign of protest to Pulwama attacks.P

Pakistani Army Website is now not accessible in India and showing the below message.

Enough is enough. This Cyber Strike sends a clear message to the Pakistan that their sponsored terrorism won’t be tolerated now on behalf of Indian hackers. Condolence to the martyred families.

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