7 Best Earphones under 1000 Rupees

7 Best Earphones

Music is something that makes everyone Love. Today, smartphone platforms have initiated retailing smartphones with innovative earphones. Also, they sell their topnotch earphones at expensive rates which are often high-priced to buy. Thus, people look for a cheap and cost-effective earphone to relish music on their smartphones. Although, if you are looking for the best earphones so, we have listed the top  7  Best earphones which comes under 1000 INR.

You can come to a market and buy the earphones from our list of topmost 7 earphones within 1000 and mainly it depends on your selection to have tuneful music experience. You can get a great discount on electronic devices online using Croma Coupon Code.

Some of the earphones come with a mic, thus you can also access to hands-free calling or recording voice-overs.

Here is a list of 7 best earphones under 1000 Rupees

  1. 1More Piston Fit

1More Piston Fit is one of the top earphones which comes under 1000 Rupees, the lows are terrific, and the highs are superb in the earphones. The audio stability is awesome and truly provides an amazing music experience; even you can increase up to 70 % sound levels. It is an ideal option if you can manage with a bit high-pitched in the volume. These earphones are offered in India come with 4 different colors: Grey, Silver, Blue, and Pink. We like the Grey and Silver ones.

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1More Piston Fit

  1. House of Marley Smile Jamaica EM-JE041-SB in-Ear Headphones with Mic (Black)”

This Marley Smile Jamaica EM-JE041-SB in-Ear Headphones has three sizes of ear landfills that are perfect for you and these comes with good quality of ear-buds, it has potent 8mm stirring helix drivers that offers clean, crispy volume with having amazing and tuneful bass. This earphone is built-in with FSC specialized Sapele and beech timber and eco-friendly aluminum metal and equipped with a 52-inch fabric cord that assists to eliminate knots and is particularly designed to reduce on still hence you get that rich sound. This fantastic earphone is installed with a 1 button mic and with 9mm powerful driver. These make use of a typical 3.5 mm jack and the frequency rate is between 18Hz to 20kHz, with having an impedance of 16ohms along with the sensitivity proportion is up to 98 dB. This earphone comes under Rs. 1000.

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House of Marley Smile Jamaica

  1. Sony MDR-EX150

This most renowned company Sony has designed MDR-EX150 and this is one of the top earphones that come under Rs 1000. The Sony MDR in-ear earphones are seamless for persons who do not love such huge and awkward earphones. It is well-matched with smartphones and music players, these earphones provide outstanding audio replica with the best quality bass. These earphones are one of the most affordable pieces from Sony brand; however, these earphones offer perfect bass which is anticipated from Sony with amazing precision. You can buy the stunning shape by Sony within Rs 800.

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Sony MDR-EX150

  1. JBL C100SI Earphones

If you are looking for a JBL earphone under Rs 1000, so, JBL C100SI earphone is only for you. The brand-new JBL C100SI is a vibrant, durable and lightweight in-ear headphone. It comes with robust 9mm drivers that provide the feel-it-in-your-bones bass rejoinder and great sound quality you love from JBL. The earphone delivers hard-hitting volume with brittle highs and perfect Mids. The JBL C100SI is lightweight and comes within Rs 899.

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JBL C100SI Earphones

  1. Sennheiser CX180

These unique volume and reasonable earphones from Sennheiser are popular in the market recently and come with a clear sound pitched, crunchy audio and realistic bass. The structure quality also outshines in the market and provides an exceptional package available within 849.

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Sennheiser CX180

  1. Audio Technica ATH-CLR100

These outstanding earphones from Audio Technica are simple, long-lasting and lightweight that offers amazing sound quality within cost-effective rates. The bass can make you feel more pleasant, also that the mids and highs are remarkable. The structure quality is awesome for earphones and comes under 1000.

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Audio Technica ATH-CLR100

  1. boAt BassHeads 220

boAt BassHeads 220 is a sophisticated metallic earphone that is built to provide an unmatched experience. It has a wonderful sound precision with Great Extra Bass. It is not even a plastic earphone and it is a classy Metal. With clutter-free flat chains, you can get a completely hassle-free. As the earphones that are coming feature 10mm drivers, they also provide you clear sound with that Thumping Bass. The earphones come with features of Noise Cancelling Mic and it makes sure you don’t overlook the important calls. These earphones come under Rs. 700 and come in 2 different colors: Blue and Black.

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boAt BassHeads 220

So, guys, these were the 7 Best Earphones under 1000 Rupees in India.


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