7 Reasons why Tiktok became a hit in India


Tiktok is a media app for creating and sharing short videos with features like songs, movie dialogues and more. With 12 crore active monthly users it has become the fastest growing app in India. Ever wondered how Tiktok became a Super Hit in India? This article tells us How?

1.      Mechanics of Creating content

Tiktok has a large number of creators, unlike Youtube where most of the users are receivers. Anyone can create content on Tiktok. The viral social media app has an algorithm that helps in growing the base of people creating the content. Videos created on the app are immediately made public and can be seen by anybody which can make people famous. And who doesn’t like to be famous?

2.    Great features

The video streaming app has got great features in it which not only help but encourages creators. You can select a song from a pool of songs which makes it super fun to make a Tiktok video. You can film with certain Camera tactics and later edit it too. These features amaze people and keep them hooked to the app.

3.      Star effect

Tiktok gained momentum when many Social media Influencers started making a video on it and shared on their social media profiles which led their followers, follow the suit. It helped common people gain a good fan following similar to that of Celebrities. And if ‘Sharma Ji ka Beta/Beti’ can do it, then why can’t you?

Jannat Zubair, an actress has gained 19.1 million followers.

4.      Catchy and local trending hashtags

On Tiktok, users can use hashtags to categorize their content. Also, Tiktok has a certain section where users are daily asked to make a video on local trending topics, for example, #CricketWorldCup, #BottleCapChallenge in which people try to untwist a bottle cap with a roundhouse kick, #InMyFeelings Kiki Challenge in which people get off their car and do some dance moves. And who doesn’t want to look trendy nowadays?

The #InMyFeelings Challenge got 5.1 million videos on Tiktok which is thrice as to 1.7 million on Instagram.

5.      Authentic

If you use Social Media, then you would have found in numerous fake profiles of people who look real, but on Tiktok that’s not possible. After all, how can you have the same face and body features as people when everyone is unique?

6.      High Success rate

If you post a video on Tiktok, you are most likely to get viral in comparison to other apps. Its algorithm works as such that when a video gets likes, comments or shares, then that video can be seen by more people which increases the probability of your video getting more viewers. Also, after making a video, you can select the most relevant category of your video which is then shared to people based on their browsing history and interest.

7.      Tiktok Watermark and Social Media Sharing

You can easily recognize a Tiktok video as the app automatically gets a Tiktok Watermark on your video. And when you see a lot of videos around you with Tiktok watermark, then you wonder, what’s the fuss about this app?

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