Don’t Miss these 5 Best Web Series on Netflix


There is a tremendous fear of being left out among people especially this generation for not watching several Movies and Web Series. Nowadays this fear has been multiplied after the binge of Netflix and Chill. Hence, keeping that in mind today we bring you the 5 best of Netflix Shows that you must watch so that you don’t miss out among your bunch of friends.

5. Sherlock

IMDb- 9.1

We have all since childhood fanaticized about Detectives solving Crimes, Sherlock is analogous in the lot. In a World full of Crimes, it takes detectives a hell lot of time and struggles to solve complicated Crimes, but for the protagonist of this show and his companion, it’s a child play. The cherry on the cake is the versatile actor Benedict Cumberbatch who aces every episode and has won many awards for the show. However, Season 4 gets too dramatic but you may like to keep up the good memories and watch till Season 3.

4. Money Heist

IMDb- 8.5

Money Heist is the finest of Robbery shows ever made. The Spanish series is about a unique robbery which is led by a Criminal mastermind ‘Professor’. The Cat and mouse game with tons of twists and excellent characters. Beyond the violence and robbery, the series talks a lot about Love and Forbidden love which sets it apart. The thing that strikes you is how believable the characters and story is as there is no such thing as a perfect plan, it’s human to err. The Script is what gives it the edge as it seems too real.

3. Stranger things

IMDb- 8.8

A tale about the passion of a Mother whose 12-year old son goes missing, The infectious energy of the mother is treated to watch. The journey of finding her son unravels several mysteries which keep the audience hooked. Set in the 1980s, ‘Stranger Things’ is simply brilliant and takes you to a time when you can still feel a sense of thrill and surprise. Make sure you watch it in Night, turning off your Light and mobile phones and it has the great power to immerse you. The soundtrack is completely on point. However, Season 3 gets a bit off the line so probably you would like to avoid it.

2. Peaky Blinders

IMDb- 8.8

If you are looking for a good Cinematography, Peaky Blinders may the one for you. Based on the end of the nineteenth century in Britain, involves a Gangster Family Peaky Blinders who engage in unlawful activities and Police is after them. The beautiful, dark industrial landscape is enthralling. While some shows choose Vulgarity, Violence, and Vandalism to get ratings, the makers have not chosen the easy way. The class and detailing is what make it a Period drama.

1. Breaking Bad

IMDb- 9.5

If you have never pulled all-nighters yet, Breaking Bad will force you to do so. A Chemistry Teacher after knowing that he is diagnosed with Cancer turns into a Criminal and Drug-dealer to secure his family’s future. Sounds Immoral? Tune it for once and the protagonist’s profound motivations will start making sense. Huge surprises turn, twists and mind-blowing moments throughout the Series is what makes it the best of the lot. Bryan Cranston delivers one of the best acting performances ever and the supporting cast is just as good. Even after you have watched it, it leaves you with thought-provoking ideas and philosophies.

So what are you waiting for? Tune in the best of Netflix Shows and enjoy it!

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