The Journey of T-Series Music as a Corporate & YouTube channel


We Indians are prejudiced. We make our minds before knowing anything completely. The Ongoing battle between PewDiePie and T-Series is one of the examples. We see T-Series as a corporate company but do we know how it started?

This Article will give new strength to your thoughts about T-Series.

Who started T-Series?

T-Series was started by Gulshan Kumar,a vague fruit juice seller in Delhi. He started T-Series as company on July 11,1983 ,which is almost 40 years ago.

T-Series as a company

In the first year Gulshan Kumar sell pirated Bollywood songs, thanks to our administration, but in the same year got to know about the devotional love of Indians. Gulshan Kumar first hired singers and then in the same year itself filmed some songs and got them recorded and sold them in cheap song and video cassettes. Their first original soundtrack was released in 1984 by Ravindra Jain.Though there was no major outcome till 1988 when it released soundtrack of greatly renowned Bollywood movie “Qayamat se Qayamat tak” which included the biggest hit song “Papa Kehte Hain” picturised by Aamir Khan. Then T-Series became a leading music label in Mumbai and sparked the music industry in early 1990s. By 1997 it’s annual earning had reached ₹5 billion.

Death of Gulshan Kumar

Are businesses that easy? Like almost every Bollywood film, Gulshan Kumar was shot on 12th August,1997 by Underworld organisation Dawood-Company outside a Jeeteshwar Mahadev temple in Andheri West suberb of Mumbai which he visited daily. Nadeem-Saifee a film composer was accused of paying murderer by Mumbai Police because of personal dispute and fled the country like Mallya and Choksi. In January 2001, Abdul Rauf popularly known as Raja confessed being the murderer and was sentenced life imprisonment.

T-Series as a YouTube channel

Though T-Series may be the second most subscribed YouTube channel after PewDiePie but is the most viewed channel.

Their journey dates back to 2006 when they joined YouTube but started uploading videos by 2010 only. T-Series primarily shows music videos and film trailers. In January 2017, it transcended PewDiePie to become the World’s most viewed YouTube channel. The team of 13 peoples run the T-series Channel from t-series New Delhi Headquater . It has huge 84 million subscribers and may surpass or would have surpassed PewDiePie while you are reading the article.

T-Series Group

You must have noticed there is not just one YouTube channel of T-Series. It owns a multi-channel network, with 29 channels which include T-Series Tamil, T-Series Telugu and many more.

Total Views and most viewed T-Series Artist

T-Series multi-channel network has accumulated more than 100 million subscribers and more than 61.5 billion views. Huge numbers, right? The most viewed T-Series Artist is Guru Randhawa whose 2017 song has garnered more than 700 million views on YouTube and the highest grossing film was Hindi medium starring Irrfan Khan.

Why did T-Series surge suddenly?

Lot of people have myth that growth of Mobile sector has led to popularity of T-Series but that’s not the only truth. 40% of total channel traffic comes from outside of India. And the ongoing battle between T-Series and PewDiePie has also given it lot of attention.

We may now see T-Series as a corporate company but it started with Bhushan Kumar, a fruit juice seller, selling pirated songs. A journey takes time and it always starts with one single step. So what are you waiting for?

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